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Marriage and Family Therapist #51874


If you are considering making space in your life to explore the challenges and patterns that no longer serve you, then you may be at a crossroad where you find yourself wanting to take a more active role in your own evolution. To consciously step forward in the direction of your own transformation is a very courageous act. By meeting your self, your partner, or your family, and examining what is and isn’t working for you, new ways of being may begin to emerge; new pathways unfold.

To facilitate this journey I offer a safe space in which to explore, investigate and deepen your relationship with yourself and others. I offer a non-judgmental presence where you will be listened to and authentically seen. I offer a space where we can explore the world of the imaginal, where we can investigate hunches, yearnings and dreams. We can use art, sandplay therapy and mindfulness practices, as well as use a somatic approach and listen to the messages that the body brings. And, it is my hope, that out of our work together, as you develop more skills and resources, you will find yourself with a greater capacity to be your own witness, your own guide; you will find yourself with a greater capacity to meet life’s challenges with authenticity, vitality, wholeness and peace.

I received my MA from the Pacifica Graduate Institute where I studied depth psychology, an approach that seeks to explore hidden aspects of our self that can illuminate and help transform our lives. I also have training in somatics (a body based approach to psychotherapy especially valuable in healing trauma), mindfulness practices and motivational interviewing. I enjoy working with couples, families and children, as well as individuals.

I would be happy to answer any questions about therapy, my approach, and any other concerns you might have. Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation at 441-1053 or