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My goal is help you to feel more alive by discovering together what changes are needed in your life. You can become aware of old, inaccurate assumptions and unhealed emotional wounds. It is not unusual to come upon a time when you find that the old ways don’t work, but you have no idea what changes are needed. You know you want to make the transition from the old poorly-fitting patterns, but to what? What new choices and approaches, based on your values and strengths, will be more life-giving? What is Life asking of you now? What is really going on here? It is not unusual to become discouraged when you can no longer see the path in front of you.

Among the issues that I work with in therapy are life transitions, depression, anxiety, midlife issues, self-esteem, creativity, aging, stress, grief, relationship issues including LGBT, women’s issues, the fear of flying, and the emotional issues that come with Celiac disease. I work with individuals, couples and families to find new and more positive approaches to the challenges of life. I offer both short-term issue-focused therapy and long-term more depth-oriented work in which you can make better choices rooted in your core values.

All psychological approaches spring from the same source, like fingers on a hand. Awareness and new options can be discovered through the talk of therapy, yet the psyche often speaks in different languages, and to assist in our understanding, I use expressive arts such as drawing, sand tray, and puppets. I come from the place of client-centered therapy, with an interest in developmental stages, doses of the depth psychology of Carl Jung, a sprinkling of Gestalt and Satir, with empathy and collaboration.

I have an MA in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 2003. I am also Associate Faculty at College of the Redwoods, where I teach classes such as Personal Growth and Adjustment and Basic Skills. I lead seminars with the Guild for Psychological Studies (www.guildsf.org ). In my free time, I like to read, walk on the beach, and be creative in fiber arts such as quilting and knitting.