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Marriage, Family Therapist #39235

It takes courage to ask for help. I honor you in your pursuit of healing and wholeness. My work is centered in the belief that a strong therapeutic relationship is the key to success in therapy. Every hour, I endeavor to provide a safe container into which each individual human being who comes for therapy is welcomed. Being met with empathy, respect, acceptance , kindness, understanding, genuineness and non-judgment opens a space where each person can explore their issues without feeling the need to censor or conform. Having another person inalienably aligned with your own deepest Self creates the freedom to find your unique route to healing and so transformation.

My practice as a psychotherapist is informed by many lines of thought and application. Ranging from current findings in the neurosciences to the richness of depth psychology and even including some carefully selected evidence based practices. I have witnessed the healing strength of the braided efficacies of these treatment mediums. We live in a time when, thanks to our increased global interconnectedness, we have more access to ancient wisdom traditions than at any time in human history, and we live on the cutting edge of many exciting and objective scientific discoveries. Our times are bringing together the intuitive and experiential knowing of many therapeutic practices with the rational science of modern research. It is truly the best time ever to be working as a therapist.

I believe in working from both within and without. By within, I refer to the deeper soul/spirit/imaginal/abstract levels of each individual’s psyche, and by without, I speak of behaviors, both the behavior we exhibit in the world and also the behaviors within our minds (our thoughts, which can be both conscious and unconscious). From soul to behavior. From feeling to rational thought. We will explore your unique healing path.

I have been working in this field for over twenty years and in that time I have had a wide range of experiences in aiding people. Among the challenges my clients have worked through are trauma (in many forms), depression, anxiety, psychosis, boundary issues and many more. I utilize varied interventional methods including but not limited to depth/imaginal, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness based techniques, trauma informed, dialectical behavioral , narrative, psycho-educational and even shamanic techniques. I strive to move my clients and my practice into healthy coping and to consistently evolve in the directions of kindness, consciousness, compassion, understanding, meaning, enjoying life, love and wholeness.

If you choose to have therapy with me, you will find a committed, experienced, strong ally dedicated to your healing and becoming.

David Johnston, MFT #39235
M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute
B.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison

contact: temenos707@gmail.com