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Psychotherapist, LMFT  #38504


Therapy is the crucible in which we explore both Self and relationships. It’s the space in which healing can begin. According to the new neuroscience, the therapeutic relationship actually changes the brain in ways that make the individual more adaptive and available for healthy relationships. My practice includes psychodynamic processing, work with dreams and sandtray, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and EMDR. My influences include Virginia Satyr, Carl Jung, John Bowlby, Daniel Siegel, Laura Parnell and all the yoga and meditation teachers who have entered my life at one time or another

I’ve been enjoying my work as a psychotherapist in our community for 15 years. I work with a variety of presenting issues: adjustment and mood disorders, anxiety and PTSD, loss and grief, anger management, family dynamics, communication, and emotional and spiritual growth. Other than small children, I work with most populations: children 10 and older, adolescents, adults, couples and families of all cultural backgrounds, LGBT, and developmental disorders. I especially enjoy working with elders.